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ABC Senate inquiry welcomed but more funding needed

TODAY the Federal CPSU welcomed a senate inquiry into ABC production in regional Australia.

CPSU National Lead Organiser for the ABC Sinddy Ealy said she hoped this inquiry would see the ABC admit its mixed model approach to TV production meant regions were being duded.

 “The ABC continues to tell us that it is committed to regional TV production but the facts tell a different story. The ABC has taken an ideological stand against internal production in favour of outsourcing programs to the private sector. It’s been death by a thousand cuts and I think the public as well as our members have a right to know where it is all going to end,” Ms Ealy said.

 “Mark Scott says that 75% of the ABC’s TV production is done in-house but what he doesn’t say is that news and sport are in that figure. We’d like to know what the real number is; we believe it’s about 33% and it’s our hope that the Senate inquiry will get to the bottom of this.”

IN THE meantime, the CPSU and MEAA sent a joint submission to the Federal Government asking for more ABC funding for the next three years.

Click here  to view the submission.

The 16-page submission puts forward a case that in order to meet its Charter obligations, the ABC needs to be funded to achieve:

1)     The ABC must remain Australia’s best and most trusted national news and current affairs broadcaster.

2)     The ABC must provide a comprehensive public broadcasting service across all platforms

3)     The ABC must be an innovative organisation that fully capitalises on its intellectual capital

4)     The ABC must be a public broadcaster that is free of commercial influence

5)     The ABC must continue to represents the diversity of Australian lives and maintain a strong commitment to localism

6)     The ABC must continue its role as an important training ground for Australian content makers and journalists

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