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Family violence leave provisions for Public Servants

TASMANIAN Public Sector Workers experiencing family violence can now access paid leave to deal with their circumstances.  A new Ministerial Direction has been issued by Premier Giddings and this has been supported by changes to Award provisions.  Effectively workers subject to family violence can take personal leave to attend medial/counselling appointments, maintain safe housing, access police services, attend court hearings, access legal advice, organise child care or education matters, attend to financial matters, maintain support networks or undertake other related activities.  Where an employee has exhausted their accrued personal leave additional special leave can be approved.

Family violence takes many forms including intimidation, coercion or isolation, emotional, physical, sexual, financial and spiritual abuse.  If you feel scared of a partner or ex-partner or family members, you may be experiencing family violence.  A more detailed definition of family violence can be found in the document below


Far too many workers experience family violence and one very effective way of assisting them is to ensure they have a safe and supportive workplace.  By maintaining their employment these workers have greater control over their lives and this will help them deal with family violence issues.  These changes would not have been achieved without the personal support of the Premier.  Her new Ministerial Direction commits Agencies to train managers and contact officers to better understand family violence, to treat all cases confidentially and to report regularly on access to family violence leave and their training program.

Click here to access Ministerial Direction 28.

More information on family and domestic violence can be found at

You can download ‘Keeping you and your job safe: Information for workers experiencing family violence’ at

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