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Four term year

THANKS to everyone who gave feedback about the move to the 4 Term Year.
The CPSU received a number of concerns and questions and I‘ve collated the responses and replied to these individually, which is great.

1. Admin staff accessing a 4 week annual leave break over the Christmas Holidays: The main questions we received were about the school staff accessing a 4 week Annual Leave break in the Christmas holidays.   To recap, all staff (who’re eligible) to access 4 weeks Annual Leave can still have this arrangement, as the term dates  allow for this.  The Term dates also allow Admin staff to return 2 weeks before school starts and still have your 4 weeks annual leave before this.

2. How will staff working on a 42 week per year roster operate? To clarify this issue, all staff working on a 42 week yearly roster will remain the same.  They’ll still work the same amount of days and will still be entitled to the same amount of holidays, just like the previous year’s/arrangements. The only difference is the Term Dates have now changed, which will mean holidays/working days held on different days over the year. Individual schools will determine what their needs are and will liaise with staff accordingly.

3. Change to 4 Term Year with Court Orders: The CPSU has now discussed the impact the change to the 4 Term Year could have on families with current court orders in place about care arrangements.  After discussions the Department agreed to, and have now written to the Department of Justice (DoJ), alerting them to the move to 4 Terms. While this will help with future court orders, those families with current court orders should seek legal assistance about their personal circumstances.

*The CPSU offers a free legal referral to Ogilvie Jennings for any Member wanting to make an appointment with a qualified reputable Lawyer to discuss their circumstances. Please email  if you would like to register your interest to do so.

4. AEU Reporting Structure The AEU recently sent out information in regards to a new proposed reporting structure/model for schools for the 4 Term Year. The Proposal allowed for the reports to be written and fully processed by 5 July, which as a result would impact highly on the remaining Administration staff to print and collate the reports in the Teachers absence.  Thank you to everyone who was able to respond to my earlier email in regards to this issue and raise your concerns.  The Department of Education has now released a new reporting model, which allows for reports to be written and face to face interviews completed between week 8 and week 9 of Term 2.  This will ensure that the printing and collating of reports can be well and truly completed before the end of term and Administration staff aren’t having to undertake this additional duty in the school holidays

New issue

1. Flights for staff from Flinders Island District School: In the past staff working at Flinders Island District School have always been given 3 flights off the Island per year to accommodate the 3 Term Year.  The AEU has now negotiated (for teaching staff only) to have 4 return flights from the Island per year to align with the new 4 term year. Unfortunately DOE has not passed this entitlement onto Admin staff and School Support Staff, which is extremely inequitable.  The CPSU will hold discussions with DOE about this arrangement and I’ll be able to provide a response to this issue as soon as possible.

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Thanks again to everyone who gave feedback, concerns and queries. We’re almost at the end of the outstanding issues to raise with the Department and we hope to finalise this in the very near future.

Organiser Sarah Smith will  keep all CPSU Members updated as discussions progress.

Thank you all, any questions please contact Sarah:

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