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Frequently asked Questions: Teacher Assistant Qualifications

When does the requirement start?

January 2014 (course doesn’t need to be complete by this date but TA must be enrolled and have ‘fair progress’)


What qualification is required?

Certificate III in Education Support or Children’s Services (Child Care)


How do I enrol in this course?

There’s an application for Expression of Interest on Infostream


When do I have to be enrolled by?

Whilst the Skills Institute anticipate that the majority of expressions of interest will be in by 30 November, late expressions for 2013 will also be accepted until 18 February

Given that the qualification requirement (to have or be working towards the Certificate III) only commences in 2014, and there will also be some staffing changes for 2014 that will not be known until 2013, the Skills Institute will run at least one further expression of interest process later next year.

What if the TA has the older qualification of Certificate III or IV Teacher Aide?

We’ve just been notified that Teacher Assistants who gained the Certificate III or IV in Teacher Aide/Assistant) from 2001 onwards won’t be required to obtain the new qualification as the older one has just been accepted as an approved qualification.


What is the requirement for relief TAs to be qualified?

At this stage there’s no requirement.


Will TA’s who work in the pre-kinder/early learning classes require this qualification?

No, as the parent is with the child in these classes.


What’s the requirement for TAs who are working with EAL students, Aboriginal Support or those with special needs etc?

There’s no requirement for these TAs to be qualified. This is because the qualification requirements only applies to the first two educators in the room with 25 children (one of these being Teacher). Any additional adults in the room don’t need to be qualified.


Does this requirement apply to TAs who are on fixed term contracts?

Yes, if they’re the Kindergarten TA.


What if the TA is intending to retire before the end of 2015?

If the TA’s been working with the Department for more than 15 years and won’t be working (in Kindergarten) after the end of 2015, they won’t need to gain the Certificate III.


What if the TA already has a teaching degree?

Depending on the degree, a Certificate III is not required. The certificate is a minimum qualification only. For further advice about if the teaching degree will be accepted, contact the Education and Care Unit on 1300 or at



Where can the study be undertaken?

Skills Tasmania is offering the Certificate III in Education Support in 2013 and 2014 without a fee. Some TAs may be studying with the Polytechnic link.  The course can be undertaken with a variety of other RTOs but the costs may be higher.


How will experience and skill be recognised through the qualification?

RPL can be achieved through use of workplace evidence, assessments, testimonials, a journal or interviews which relate to previous study, work experience and skills developed. This process will then identify any gaps in TAs that may require training.


What form will gap training take?

After any gaps in knowledge or evidence have been identified, a number of different options can be utilised for gap training – workshops, learning guides and activities, online group discussions and individual research.



What about Teacher Assistants who are appointed to kindergartens from 2015 onwards?

A review of the TA’s with qualification will be undertaken in mid-2014 to assess how the requirement will be met going forward and how many will require qualification beyond 2014 and after the initial intake. 


Can I do the Childcare Certificate so I can work in Child Care Industry in school holidays?

Yes, but this will have to be done through Polytechnic at own cost or alternatively if you would like to complete the ‘Diploma in Childcare’, there’s currently have a wavering of cost for this course.


Do I do it in my own time, if so, will I get paid for my time?

Still under discussion, will update you about this ASAP.


Will a new SOD be written, if so, when will this happen?

In discussion with DoE at present.


Will the cost of course be centrally funded? (Does not come out of individual school budget)

Yes,   DoE has signed off on the cost being centrally funded at this stage, based on current surveyed Kinder TA’s.  This will be reviewed at a later date and subject to possible change.


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