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Government Threatens Part Time Workers

WE’RE currently in negotiations for the Allied Health Professional (AHP) Agreement.

The Government has to date been unable to put on the table a trigger for the 0.5% productivity increase to apply.

Early this week government representatives wrote to the three unions party to the AHP Agreement suggesting, among other things, changes to the Agreement that are clearly discriminatory.  They want provisions to be included in the Agreement that would adversely affect the incremental progression of part-time employees within their classification level.

The Labor-Green government is proposing that part-time employees would be required to complete 1976 hours prior to accessing incremental progression.  This would mean is that a part-time employee may be stuck on their annual increment for much longer than a year.

“This issue was dealt with many years ago and the provisions that discriminate against part-time employees, most of whom are women, were removed from Awards and Agreements,” CPSU Assistant General Secretary Mat Johnston said.

“The fact the government wants to reintroduce rules that were shown to be discriminatory is offensive and illustrates a government who is either out of touch with contemporary industrial practice or simply doesn’t care.”

This idea the government put forward should worry all part-time workers in the service, or those workers who plan on becoming part-time in the future.

“While in the first instance the ill-conceived proposal would apply only to AHPs, if it was allowed to be included, there is no doubt that it would be extended to all State Servants.

“It defies belief that at a time when the government, as the employer, is looking to cut costs by encouraging part-time employment it would suggest ideas that would disadvantage and discriminate against people employed part time.”

The CPSU and other unions will work to have the government withdraw this ridiculous position and will keep Members informed as to any development.



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