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Launched today: Remove the Threat, Restore the Confidence

REMOVE the Threat, Restore the Confidence.

The CPSU launched this new campaign today, starting with an email to Members.

IN FEBRUARY 2011 Premier Giddings announced plans to slash Tasmania’s public sector workforce and refused to rule out making public sector workers forcibly redundant. Her government then changed the State Service Act 2000 to make it easier and faster for these workers to be made forcibly redundant.
Since that time every public sector worker has lived under this threat to their job, so it’s natural for them to reduce discretionary spending. When you threaten the job security of 28,000 workers in a state this small you risk slowing the whole economy and pushing it into recession.

In 2011 many people warned the Premier she risked slowing the state’s economy further but, rather than heeding the calls from economists, academics, business leaders and the union movement to change the plan, the Premier pushed ahead.
So what‘s the result?
Retail trade fell by 3.2% in the 12 months to September 2012, compared to growth of an average of 3.7% across Australia.
In the 12 months to March 2012 our economy shrank by 2% and unemployment grew by almost 2% – the highest in the country.


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