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Meet our TMD Delegates, Denny & Marc

RECENTLY TMD’s union Delegates Marc Nevah and Denny Fleming attended a two day training course at CPSU. They answered some questions afterwards:


Why are you a union member?


Most people insure other elements of their life – car/home etc., yet seem to leave the very area that allows you to pay for all these things unguarded – your employment.

Always good to have external back-up – otherwise just rely on everyone doing the fair and right thing all the time, along with whatever else occurs in Fantasia!!!



I believe in the power of collaboration. CPSU works with the State Government to negotiate the best possible pay and conditions for its Members. It’s been proven that workplaces with strong unions pay higher wages, are safer and provide greater opportunities for training and career progression. The CPSU services also include advice, protection, and support at work –should you ever need it.

The last union I was with seemed to delight in actively butting heads with my employers and yet be quite ineffective at representing individual staff members. It was really frustrating and annoying to see my membership fees used this way. I don’t find CPSU like this. They have a much more collaborative approach and actively work with State Government to improve and protect our conditions. No one wants to pay union membership fees, but we all enjoy the benefits that the union secures us so I feel a responsibility to contribute.

Denny Fleming


Why are you a union Delegate?


Ten years ago while at Uni I had a part-time job at a prominent waterfront Hobart hotel Health Club and swimming pool. After I closed the centre one evening another staff member came in to use the swimming pool. For allowing her to do so (there was no policy) I was given a first and final written warning, meaning they could dismiss me with any future misdemeanour. The other staff member was not disciplined at all (she was a trainee and they didn’t want to lose the cheap labour).

I was a member of the union so I contacted my delegate and he sat with me in a meeting with management. He pointed out that at the time of the incident I had officially finished work as I wasn’t being paid.  He also pointed out that management required us to stay past knock off time every evening to close the centre. He also asked how they could get a final written warning without progressing through a first and second. Following this all “charges” were withdrawn very swiftly. There were plenty of instances of management high-handedness by that employer at that time, and the union rep was kept very busy.

I want to be available to help should a colleague have a concern. It’s great we have union membership right across the Band levels in TMD.



To walk the walk!

Nothing will change or improve if you keep your concerns to yourself or in the ‘corridors’- raise  them openly and ensure they are addressed (as others have done) – there should be no fear in the workplace!

Stand-up and ensure compliance of your rights is maintained in the workplace – look at your current and future workloads/environment/conditions – all good?


What did you get out of the course?


It reinforced the reasons that I joined the union. With a collective approach we can achieve great things.



Make a list of who truly has your workplace interests at heart – your union, and…?


What would you tell a prospective member?


Your involvement can be as big or as small as you would like. CPSU are working hard to protect jobs and conditions in a time of economic instability. Joining a union helps to ensure job security.

CPSU is focussed on maximising the services available to the Tasmanian community and ensuring those who deliver those services are treated fairly and with respect.


Your choice, but choose wisely!

Have a strong union standing with you, or stand alone!

Workplace ‘issues’ prosper when a few good men and women do nothing!




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