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Meet Shirley Barron and Lyndal Schneider

WE CAUGHT up with Shirley Barron and Lyndal Schneider during Delegate training and found out a bit more about them and their Delegate roles.

Shirley Barron

Shirley’s a Teacher Assistant three days a week and an Office Clerk the other two days, and last Wednesday was her 35th anniversary working for the Department of Education – congratulations Shirley!

“It’s a really good school to work in – it’s like a second home, really.”

Shirley’s been at the school for the entire 35 years and has been a Delegate for so long she can’t quite remember when she started.

“It’s been quite a few years though.”

Nominated by her peers, she was happy to take up the job.

“I tell people who aren’t in the union ‘get some back-up, get some power behind you’ – It’s a good thing to be in the CPSU.”

“I enjoy being a Delegate and passing out information. This time of year all the TAs get a bit toey about permanency.”

This was the first two-day block of Delegate training for Shirley, who was enjoying it and learning a lot.

Lyndal Schneider

Lyndal’s a Library Technician at the Hobart LINC and has been a CPSU Delegate for seven years since self-nominating after two relatives were harshly terminated by their employers.

“I didn’t want something like that to happen to me or someone else I worked with, so I told my colleagues I was putting my name forward to be a Delegate.”

Lyndal’s tackled several workplace issues that have benefited a number of her colleagues.

One of these was winning travel reimbursement for colleagues who need to work quite a distance from their usual worksite and another was the Library Technician translation reviews, which were a long, hard slog but successful.

Experience in the Delegate role has taught Lyndal what issues to tackle.  “I pick my fights,” Lyndal said.

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