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New protections for workers

AMENDMENTS to the Workers Rehabilitation and Compensation Act 1988 would be a positive move for Tasmanian workers.

Announced yesterday, the changes will prevent employers from avoiding their full responsibilities, with the definition of worker extended.


The amendments mean:
• All labour hire employees are officially defined as workers of the labour hire agency, even if they end-up on a sham contract.
• Workers under labour hire arrangements won’t be left with little or no compensation if they’re injured at work.
• Any employer who’s obliged to make superannuation contributions for a person will also have to take out workers compensation insurance cover for them.
• Businesses are operating on a similar cost base when competing for new work.


Announcing the changes yesterday Minister for Workplace Relations David O’Byrne said the move means all workers would receive the protection they deserved and needed in the event of a workplace injury.

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