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Parks & Wildlife: not enough funding

SEVERELY underfunded.

That’s Tasmania’s Parks and Wildlife Service according to a Legislative Council Inquiry report released this week.

Tasmanian’s should be concerned

The inquiry found the PWS would not be able to cope if it was handed more forest reserves without adequate funding, with the report finding the service was already not meeting it’s exiting obligations because of a lack of funding.

Released yesterday, the final report from the inquiry said: “This consistent view regarding the funding of PWS and its ability to meet its obligations should be a matter of great concern to the Tasmanian community and the Tasmanian Government”.

The current funding sits about $10 per hectare, when $16 per hectare is regarded as the appropriate amount for core Park responsibilities.

Inquiry chair Tania Rattray MLC said this lack of funding meant the state’s parks and reserves weren’t being properly cared for already, with any additional forestry land just exacerbating the problem.

More land for the service also increases the risk of wildfires in Tasmania, with the PWS having limited experience in managing fire in dense forest.


“Unless there is a significant increase in funding for the PWS, whether or not it eventually takes control of additional forestry land, Tasmania’s national parks and reserves and their infrastructure are heading for a major decline and this will have a damaging impact on tourism and fire-fighting capabilities,” Ms Rattray said.


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