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Premier should heed her own message

The Premier, Lara Giddings is calling on Tasmanians to loosen up their purse strings and to spend their savings this Christmas to help local retailers but for 28,000 Tasmanian families it is the Premier’s own actions that will ensure they don’t heed this call.


Since February 2011 all 28,000 public sector workers have faced the threat of being made forcibly redundant at any time.  Over that period not one worker has actually been made forcibly redundant but the threat has meant that all of them have spent conservatively and deferred discretionary decisions and this has added to the general malaise that has overtaken our entire economy.


The ball is in the Premier’s court.   If she wants this group of workers to end their spending strike and give retailers the Christmas they desperately need all she has to do is permanently remove the threat of forced redundancies.  She loses nothing by doing this – vacancy control and other job reduction programs will continue – but she gives 28,000 families the certainty they need to have a merry Christmas.

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