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Tasmania’s leaders out of touch

NIETHER of our political leaders showed they were in touch with reality yesterday.

Premier Lara Giddings asked Tasmanians to spend up for Christmas in a Mercury article.

A public outcry ensued.

Some website reader comments were:


  • For those that weren’t sure this Government is completely out of touch, well, let there be no more doubt. Nearly everyone I know is doing the same as me, just getting by with the bills, and putting any extra off the mortgage.


  • No more hay in the barn Lara, sound familiar…..


  • …let them eat cake, Christmas cake!


  • Sorry Lara, no can do. Coping with mortgage and power but behind on council and water, nothing left for shopping for non-essentials.


  • What savings!!!!????


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MEANWHILE, an article surfaced about Liberal Leader Will Hodgman visiting Queensland Premier Campbell Newman.

Mr Newman’s sacked thousands of public servants and removed permanency for many of these workers. So the Opposition Leader meeting with this man certainly raises questions and eyebrows.


On the Mercury website readers’ comments included:


  • Tasmanians should be very careful what they wish for at the next election. The only thing that Newman has done in Queensland is to put people out of work and very little else.


  • Having spoken to Queenslanders lately, Hodgman better rethink that tactic. Newman is a one-term wonder.


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