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UTAS Agreement

THE industrial Agreement the UTAS Professional Staff Agreement is past its expiry date and needs renegotiation.

It is critical that the three unions representing UTAS staff are all on the same page when it comes to negotiating in a united front with the employer.

In light of this your CPSU has been working with the other unions over the last couple of months to develop separate logs of claim to serve on UTAS management that are complementary insofar as possible.

We now have a draft claim for you to consider and provide feedback on that converges neatly with the claims we know the other unions are making.  Please take the time to read the document below and let us know if it reflects your wishes.


Things to consider include a) what’s not working or could be better in the current Agreement and could do with amendment and b) what’s not included at all in the current Agreement and should be written in.

We are aiming for an Agreement with a long duration to provide some certainty and security in what is a time of change for the university and all staff.

Your CPSU will work closely with the other unions during negotiations and will keep you updated during what may be a long and difficult process.


Members who want to provide feedback on the draft claim or are interested in participating directly in negotiations should contact CPSU Organiser Kathryn Lee via


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