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Water corporation update: proposed alcohol and other drug policy

WE RECENTLY received a written response from the water corporations in reply to your concerns that we raised with their CEOs in mid August.

Despite having lead joint unions to believe at this meeting that finally your concerns were going to be acted on by them, and the proposed AOD policy and procedure amended accordingly, the reply falls far short of this.

In fact, your major concerns have been ignored.

The joint unions have worked together to put a response to the CEOs advising we are in dispute, and as such the current position on testing remains.

As our previous advice to you has stated, there is no agreement that you be tested for alcohol or other drugs at your place of work.

If you are asked to undertake such a test, or are pressured into doing so, please contact your CPSU immediately.

The unions are working in partnership to ensure your rights are upheld and to secure a fair outcome for all.

Your contact person at the CPSU is Shannon Harwood, and she can be contacted on 6234 1708

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