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AHP Agreement registered

YOUR unions appeared before the Tasmanian Industrial Commission earlier today to finally register a replacement Agreement for Allied Health Professionals.

After what was a long and frustrating process the final Agreement maintains the previous Agreement and provides the following:

  • A duration of 1 March 2012 until 28 Feb 2014.
  • A 2% salary increase with effect from (WEF) the first full pay period on or after (FFPPOOA) 1 December 2012.  This means there is likely to be a small back-payment unless the various payroll areas can facilitate the change for this pay.
  • A further 2% salary increase WEF the FFPPOOA 1 December 2013.
  • Improvements to the Professional Development provisions of the Agreement to address the deficiencies experienced in some areas regarding the operation of the original provision.
  • A commitment on transcript before Deputy President Wells in the following terms to try to keep the nexus concept alive for next time…

“It is agreed that the parties are to undertake a review of salary rates applicable to various, specified occupational groups and classifications in Queensland, NSW, Victoria and South Australia to assess their relative standing with Tasmanian Allied Health Professionals at the equivalent points. The reference date for the review will be 1 July 2013 and the review is to be completed by the parties not later than 1 September 2013. The methodology for the review will be in accordance with the process used in the Allied Health Professionals (Tasmanian Public Sector) Industrial Agreement 2010.  The review will determine the percentage salary differential between Tasmania and competitor jurisdictions and will illustrate our position in the AHP labour market with regard to wages.

Whilst the result of the salaries review is not binding on either party it will be used to inform the next round of negotiation. 

It is the request of the parties to this agreement that the preceding words be included in the decision issued by the Tasmanian Industrial Commission with respect to this matter.”

The full text of Agreement will be available shortly – so please check back soon

While by no means a good result, the striking of this Agreement allows us to settle for a while and to renegotiate in the lead up to the next State Election likely to occur, all things being equal, in March 2014.

Read the bulletin below:

December 14 2012


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