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DPEM shared library service update

THERE are a number of options on the table for a shared library service for DPEM.

The options are:


1) 2 Library – 2 locations

TASPOL Library, Police Academy, Rokeby

TFS Library, State Headquarters, Hobart


2) 1 Library – 2 locations

Police Academy, Rokeby

TFS State Headquarters, Hobart


3) 1 Library – 1 Location

TFS State Headquarters, Hobart


4) 1 Library – 1 location

Police Academy, Rokeby


Read more about the options below:

DPEM Library Review Options Paper 2012


The CPSU’s preferred option is Option 3 – one library, one location at TFS State Headquarters in Hobart, for  a number of reasons including:

  • It would be physically accessible to most DPEM  clients; for TASPOL / SES  employees undertaking research;  Sworn & unsworn staff studying for a university degree; and Legal research      for prosecution staff
  • It is the most convenient for central management of Police Forensics and Prosecutions library resources
  • Corporate risk is reduced by fostering a learning based culture and evidence based policy and practice.

You can read more reasons for this preferred option in the link below:

Comments Option

You can read the letter about consultation sent to the CPSU below:

Letter Stakeholders Consultation Amalgamation Library CPSU

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