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NSO update

CPSU DELEGATES, Members along with their union have achieved a great win this week.

The hard work and dedication of Network Support Officer (NSO) Delegates and Members in Department of Education saw The Tasmanian State Service Award  varied to incorporate a NSO salary progression structure effective 20th November 2012.

The process to achieve this win included an internal grievance process, conferences, and negotiations at the Tasmanian Industrial Commission.

If you’ve ever heard a colleague say “what have unions ever done for me?” this is one of the many examples where Members can receive real benefits.

For NSOs in the Department of Education it means a wage increase from the Public Service Unions Wages Agreement in December and instant salary progression on transition to the new salary progression structure.

This happened only because CPSU Members and Delegates worked with their union over many months, and it was no easy process.

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