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Office of the Chief Information Officer update: THO transitions

ICT MEMBERS in the Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO) should have all by now received the email sent from Tim Blake on the 22nd November 2012 in regards to the restructure.

Recently CPSU Organiser Sarah Smith  met with Tim Blake in regards to the new THO Transition model within OCIO.  As I understand those within the ICT service will continue working under a centralized model and will continue providing a service for those within Health and Human Services – Statewide.  ICT as I understand will largely remain unaffected.


Please find this information in the links below:

Proposed OCIO-Transition-Org_Chart_22Nov12

Email from Tim Blake


Before any restructure can be implemented, consultation with employees and their unions needs to occur to ensure everyone knows what is being proposed and why and has a chance to suggest alternatives that minimize the impact on employees.   This must occur before a final decision is made.

To ensure that consultation is occurring,  if you have any feedback, queries, concerns or questions that you please provide them to me by COB Monday 7th January 2013.  You can do so by sending an email to  or by phoning the CPSU office on 6234 1708 and asking to speak with Sarah Smith. Please be assured that any discussion will be kept confidential.

Although my portfolio covers ICT, if you’re outside this area in OCIO and have any feedback, Sarah would still love to hear from you.

The restructure is proposed to be implemented by mid-January 2013, however any concerns raised will need to be addressed before implementation and that may result in this date being extended.

We’ll be relying on information from CPSU Members in regards to the restructure, so if you feel you do have any concerns at all please do not hesitate to contact Sarah.

The CPSU also offer a Member Advice & Support Team, so if you feel you need access to this Team for an individual concern just let Sarah know.

If there are any questions please do not hesitate to contact Sarah Smith on


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