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Sad day as Emma Gill leaves the CPSU

THIS week the CPSU says goodbye to one of its valued employees Emma Gill.

Emma’s long been part of the CPSU before she started working for them

Emma Gill joined up with the CPSU in 2003 when she started permanent work with the Department of Education.

I had a workplace Delegate in my workplace at the time and she gave me the membership forms

Within a week of becoming permanent I signed up with the CPSU, because as far as I was concerned, that’s what you did – joined the union.

“I have a long and strong family history of unionism, my Dad was an official and Organiser for various unions in Tasmania, my grandparents were involved in their unions, my Mum was a workplace Delegate, I’ve got an Aunt who’s a workplace Delegate, and a cousin who works for a union.

So for me it made sense to join a union because they offer you protection, support, advice and information that you wouldn’t get otherwise.”

It was during the PSUWA08 campaign that Emma became a workplace Delegate, when her colleagues asked her.

After serving her colleagues in this role for a number of years, the CPSU approached Emma to participate in the Anna Stewart Memorial Program.

The eight-day program solidified the career direction she wanted to take, and that was working for the union movement.

“It was something I deeply felt and believed in.”

“After that there was a vacancy at CPSU, I was interviewed and was successfully appointed as an Organiser in 2009.”

In the Organising and Campaigning Team for just over 12 months, Emma then stepped up as lead while a workmate was on maternity leave.

Lead Organiser for 18 months, Emma then worked in a Campaign Coordinator role.

There are plenty of moments that stick out during her time at the CPSU.

“Lots of things have happened in my three years here that I’m proud of.”

“Particularly I’m proud of the work done in Child Protection. It’s been a really difficult time for them, I’m proud that they were able to see they had an issue and were able to come together collectively and be active around finding a solution to these issues. I’m proud of the hard work they put in to get there – we were able to get about 30 positions filled in Child Protection, with a further commitment of developing a Caseload Management Tool, which will dictate the appropriate caseload for individuals in Child Protection. I think that’s a massive win for our Members out there. So I’m very proud the CPSU’s been able to help with that. The Caseload Management Tool’s not developed yet but we’ve been working hard on it.”


Service Tasmania’s another area where Members have grown, both in numbers and in strength.

“Previously they’ve been fairly quiet Members because they haven’t had many issues, but this year, with the work we’ve done they are a lot more active and know much more about their rights than what they did before. I’m proud of the effort we put into that area.”

Other moments include the health rally at the end of 2011 and the budget day rally in the same year.

I’m proud of the massive turnout we had at that rally – it was really satisfying, with a lot of work put into both of the rallies. I was proud to be with a whole bunch of our Members who felt passionately about their workplace issues and they were there to vocalise and express their views.”

Emma’s sad to be leaving the CPSU this week.

“I’ve been a part of this union for 10 years, as a Member, Delegate and then an employee. The CPSU has a very special place in my heart as my first and long-time union. I’m very sad to be leaving this workplace. I’m proud of all the work that everyone at the CPSU does to help our Members.

But I’ve got a new opportunity coming my way to broaden my skills and knowledge in a completely different union to a public sector union.

I’m happy still to be in the Tasmanian union movement. So I’m off to help members and delegates in a completely different environment.”

Emma encouraged both current and potential CPSU Members to stand together.

“It’s working collectively with your colleagues and union that you can really achieve strength in the workplace to bring about real change – change that means better workplaces and better lives for the people who work there.

I wish our CPSU Members and Delegates well for the future.”

The CPSU also wishes Emma all the best with her new career move.

CPSU General Secretary Tom Lynch described Emma as “CPSU through and through”.

“She is a member and activist, she was a delegate, organiser and lead organisers.  She will be missed and the only positive about her leaving I can find is that Emma is looking forward to her new role and I am looking forward to working with her in her new role.”

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JIll Eastley - January 9th, 2013, 1:29AM

Emma was like a true friend. I appreciated her help when I was going through a difficult time.

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