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Union Power! cards in the post today

TODAY CPSU Members who’ve signed up to Union Power! should expect their cards in the post soon.

Union Power! cards are being mailed today so registered Members can access the first deal – a fuel discount from 8 Bennett’s Petroleum  stations in the south.

The discount is 5 cents  off fuel, with no docket required.

Click here for further details.

Bennett’s Petroleum own Caltex service stations in the South of the state, while Caltex stations in the North and North-West are independently owned, which is why the deal is only available in Southern Tasmania right now.

Unions Tasmania is working to get a deal going for the rest of the state – so if you’re a Member in the North or North-West, stay tuned.

You need to register with Union Power to access this and future deals – so click here to sign up!  It’s free and there’s nothing to lose.

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