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Bargaining for RBF Agreement begins

THE CPSU’s engaged with RBF in renegotiating the Agreement covering RBF employees’ wages and conditions.  Yesterday CPSU Assistant Secretary Mat Johnston and Industrial Officer Celeste Miller met with employee and employer bargaining reps to begin talks about how to best approach the upcoming negotiation process.

The meeting discussed:

•             Admin arrangements for meetings and documents,

•             What the Fair Work Act says about Good Faith Bargaining so we share an understanding of the law,

•             RBF’s objectives and reasoning to be carried through the process, and,

•             The CPSU process for developing a Log of Claims for serving on the employer.


RBF CPSU Members will be involved in the bargaining process, with Members to sit on both the steering committee and negotiating team. Through a survey, Members can be involved in developing a Log of Claims around issues that are important to them.

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