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CPSU lodges dispute after employer fails to consult

THE CPSU heads to the Tasmanian Industrial Commission tomorrow on behalf of Hobart Reception Prison (HRP) Members about a breach of the Tasmanian State Service Award.

Staff at the prison were issued with a new roster on Christmas Day, with no consultation, that would see significant changes to Correctional Officers’ work arrangements, due to start on January 21.


These changes are:

  • Moving Officers to different lines of the roster, which throws personal lives into disarray just in time children going back to school;
  • Introducing numerous “available for redeployment” lines into the roster in a six month block which means no fixed hours or posts for prolonged periods;
  • Moving at least two Correctional Officers to different facilities with no formal notification (these Officers heard of their move to another facility from colleagues rather than their employer); and
  • Potentially introducing new Correctional Officers on probation into single person posts.


Consultation around major change to work arrangements is an industrial fundamental and good management practice,” Mat Johnston, CPSU Assistant General Secretary said.

“HRP is a well-run facility, staffed by professional and dedicated Officers,” Mr Johnston said.  “This dispute could have been avoided if the employer had simply spoken to their staff about what needed to occur and how it could be best facilitated.  Rather than simply dropping in on Christmas Day with a significant change to the roster, this matter should have been subject to some discussion with Members over the preceding months.

“We hope the Commission will assist us by requiring the Prison Service to put the brakes on and come back and talk to their staff about how change should be implemented,” Mr Johnston said.

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