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Government’s priorities questionable

NEWS that the State Government has agreed to pour $15M into the Bellerive Oval upgrade will send fears through our state and community sectors.  Many Tasmanians will wonder how a government that has cut basic services, slashed jobs and reduced indexation for community organisations can now find money for this.


The greatest fear will be that this is just the first of many pork barreling decisions the government make in the lead up to the 2014 election and that jobs and services will continue to be cut to pay for them.


The Premier says the government won’t have to cough up the $15M until 2014-15 but the question still remains – Is extending the capacity of this facility a higher priority than providing Tasmanians with basic services?


Like many Tasmanians the CPSU will be watching the spending priorities of this government very closely as the next 12 months unfolds.

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