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Unions’ Fire Appeal 2013

IT’S been a devastating start to 2013 for many Tasmanian families with the recent bushfires destroying homes and businesses and displacing thousands of people.  The CPSU alone has more than 150 members who live or work in the affected communities.

Your union is keen to support affected Tasmanians in need, including Members caught up in the fires, and plan to do so in a number of ways.

Tasmanian Unions’ Fire Appeal

TODAY Tasmanian Unions  launched a workplace collection for victims of the Tasmanian bushfires.

“We will be asking our workplace Delegates and leaders to organise fundraising activities within their workplace and the broader community” said Unions Tasmania Secretary, Kevin Harkins.

“The workplace activity can be as simple as a morning tea or just passing the hat around.  We want to make sure everyone gets an opportunity to make a contribution as this is just so important”

“We will follow with a public collection day on Wednesday January 23rd where we will be asking union members to go public and rattle the tin in the community”

Once collections are complete all proceeds will be given to the Red Cross Tasmanian Bushfires 2013 Appeal.

This fundraising effort has been registered with the Red Cross.

You can donate immediately at:

Cash donations are the most important way to help those communities affected by the fires.  Cash gets spent in local businesses and allows people the dignity to buy the goods and services they really need.

We need you to act.  We encourage Delegates and Members to raise money in their workplaces through collections, morning teas or other fundraisers.  You can download a poster from at the bottom of this article to help promote your events or to let other workers know you are willing to collect donations.

The CPSU will start the ball rolling with an initial $1000 donation. So support your fellow Tasmanians by putting your hand in your pocket and giving. Be proactive in your workplace, be creative! Send photos of your efforts to
January 23 is collection day – where both Members and union staff will collect funds raised. Please be active in your workplace so we can raise as much money as possible. On this day union members and staff also be on the streets of Tasmanian cities shaking tins for the appeal – if you’d like to be involved in this – contact the CPSU on
Union donations will be handed over to Red Cross in the lead up to Australia Day – a fitting occasion to show support to Tasmanians hurting from the bushfires.

January 10: Red Cross Tasmanian Bushfire Appeal collection cups arrive ready for January 23

Support, Advice, Advocacy

We know many people are unable to get to work or have had their workplace destroyed and this creates a myriad of industrial issues.  The CPSU can help Members with industrial advice if they’re experiencing any difficulties in relation to their employment because of the fires.  We have been in contact with the government yesterday, who has agreed to the following extension of special leave:
Special leave be granted to an employee who is defending their home, has been evacuated and unable to return, home destroyed, or unable to get to work. The employee is to liaise with their manager as to the amount of leave that is reasonable in all the prevailing circumstances.
We have been assured that all Agencies will act with fairness and compassion.
Our Member Advice and Support Team has a dedicated Industrial Officer, Celeste Miller, who will solely deal with inquiries that arise because of the fires.  This is not limited to industrial advice, we can also help with insurance inquiries, or even use our member network to try to find temporary accommodation or make transport arrangements.  If you have a problem and you don’t know where to go with it then contact your union. Celeste can also help with referrals to other services, including legal advice. You can contact Celeste on or 6234 1708.
Please let your colleagues who are not in the workplace know about these arrangements if you are able to contact them.  If there’s any way the union can support Members who’re finding it tough after the fires, please let us know.

Thanks to Those Who Serve

Once again when things get tough we see our professional, dedicated and experienced public sector spring into action to serve its community.   The staff of Tasmania Fire Service, Tasmania Police, Tasmanian Ambulance Service, Parks and Wildlife Service and Forestry Tasmania are just some of the workers called into action to respond to the fires.  In addition we have seen health professionals and many others placing themselves in the communities that are at risk so they can support and assist those in need.  Without these dedicated workers and the volunteers who toil alongside them the outcome could have been much worse.
These trying times remind us all how critical it is to maintain a public service backbone to support efforts in emergencies such as these.
The fires have revealed a great generosity of spirit, so let’s continue to help our fellow Tasmanians.

The appeal has been registered with the Red Cross


Download the poster for your workplace below:

2013 Union Fire Appeal

Download the receipt form for your workplace below:

Australian Red Cross – Tasmanian Bushfire 2013 Appeal – Receipt Form_FINAL (2)

Read the Unions Tasmania media release here.


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