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Australia’s Worst Employer

THE Tasmanian government has been identified as Australia’s worst employer in a review conducted by the national online job search website InsideTrak (

A survey  of over 4000 Australian workers showed The Tasmanian government receive the  worst overall average satisfaction rating.


“High employee satisfaction is found in workplaces with good leadership, where the employer is honest and behaves fairly and where everyone understands their role and how it contributes to overall goals”, said CPSU General Secretary Tom Lynch. “By contrast Tasmanian public sector workers experience high levels of bullying, many get no feedback on their performance and they have an employer who promises job security before an election and then changes the laws after it.”

You can read the media release here

To better understand how public sector workers feel and identify ways our workplaces can be improved, the CPSU and HACSU commissioned a major employee satisfaction survey, conducted by  independent company called Survey Matters.

Last week Survey Matters  sent survey invitations out to about 5000 public sector workers –  both union members and other employees from every agency – to ensure a representative sample to get a real understanding of the Tasmanian public sector as an employer.

The survey asks respondents about a number of topics on their current workplace including:

• Leadership;
• Communication;
• Working conditions;
• Resources; and
• Development opportunities.

The survey closes next week, with the results expected in early March. The survey is important because it will identify areas of concern across the public sector around workplace issues.

The CPSU is committed to making the Tasmanian public sector a better place to work.

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