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Bleak: Latest ABS employment figures

IT WAS hard to spot any good news in the latest ABS Labour Force report for January.

In Tasmania, the unemployment rate was up from 7.2% in December to 7.4% in January in trend terms. In seasonally adjusted terms for the same period, the unemployment rate also dropped from 7.4-7.8%

The Tasmanian participation rate was also down for the same period, from 60.3-60.2% in trend terms, and down from 60.2-60.1% in seasonally adjusted terms.

The total number of unemployed people rose in our state. From 18,100 to 18,500 trend, and 18,400 to 19,400 seasonally adjusted.

Employed persons dropped from 232,300 to 231,700 in trend terms from January to December, and were also down in seasonally adjusted figures, from 231,900 to 230,400.

In Tasmania full-time employment was down by 200 in trend terms from December to January with a drop of 147,500 to 147,300. However seasonally adjusted figures showed an increase from 144,800 to 148,700

On a whole, the Australian unemployment rate remained steady at 5.4%, with part-time employment up and full-time employment down.

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