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Dispute over Teacher Assistant relocations

THE CPSU has gone into bat for a significant number of Teacher Assistants who have been told they will be transferred to a new school in 2013 without the Department of Education adhering to its own policy.

To ensure a fair and transparent process, the Department’s own policy requires Principals to write to Learning Services saying why they need to reduce the number of teacher assistants in their school, by how many hours and to list the Teacher Assistants who may be affected.  Learning Services is then required to notify the CPSU of these situations so that we can provide our Members with support and advice.

In a letter sent to DoE Secretary Colin Pettit last Friday we asked for any relocation processes underway to cease until the information required in the policy was provided to the union.  We met with senior Human Resources staff on Monday and again yesterday and on both occasions they refused to provide the CPSU with the required information or to put any processes on hold.

The CPSU has now lodged a dispute with the Tasmanian Industrial Commission (TIC) and will ask the Commission to order the Department to fully comply with its own policy.  The TIC hearing is scheduled for Friday (Feb 8th).

We will update Members further following the hearing on Friday.  If a relocation process is underway in your school (or has already been completed) and you have any concerns about the transparency of the process that applied please contact Kathryn Lee at or call our office on 6234 1708.

Process matters and the CPSU will always stand up for Members who are not treated fairly.

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