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Know your rights: waiting for pay

A RECENT case of Department Education employees put on at the start of the year who haven’t been paid yet, reported in today’s Examiner,  is an example of the importance of Members being aware of their rights and entitlements.

Members should be aware the Tasmanian State Service Award states:

“An employee kept waiting for payment of wages for more than a quarter of an hour after the usual time for ceasing work on the employees normal pay day, due to any action or default of the employer, is to be paid waiting time at the rate of time and one half for all time kept so waiting for their pay, irrespective of whether the employee waits at their normal place of employment. Provided that where the employee’s wages are paid within the first 15 minutes after the usual time of ceasing work, a minimum payment of 15 minutes is to be made in accordance with this provision.

The Agreement states: “Further such payment at the rate of time and one half is to continue during all ordinary hours of work on each succeeding day or days, up to a maximum of 6 hours per day, until such time as payment is made”.

Make sure you know your rights and entitlements! If in doubt, contact your CPSU.

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