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Minister commits to brief FT Staff

THE strategic review of Forestry Tasmania undertaken by consultants URS recommended the separation of Forestry Tasmania’s commercial and certain non-commercial activities, as well as governance and other changes.

The Government established the Forestry Tasmania Transition Oversight Committee (FTTOC) to prepare an implementation plan for  transition.  The Committee consists of the Heads of Agency from Premier and Cabinet; Treasury and Finance; Infrastructure, Energy and Resources; and Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment.  FTTOC sought to develop more detail on the structural transition options for Forestry Tasmania in consultation with the business and then make recommendations to the Government.

The CPSU understands FTTOC has now completed its work and has provided its recommendations to Minister Green.  These recommendations will now be considered by the Forestry Sub-Committee of Cabinet that consists of the Forestry Minister (Bryan Green), the Treasurer (Lara Giddings) and the Minister for Education/Corrections/Consumer Protection/Sustainable Transport (Nick McKim).  Once the sub-committee has considered the recommendations a proposal will be put to Cabinet.  The complexity of this process should not be underestimated so there may still be a significant wait until a final decision is taken.

CPSU Members have expressed their concerns about the way decisions affecting them and their employment have been communicated in the past.  The union has passed these comments on to Minister Green’s office and has been assured the Minister understands the obligation the Government has to ensure Forestry Tasmania staff are briefed on any decision before it is announced publicly.

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