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Women in leadership stats

AN AUSTRALIAN Bureau of Statistics (ABS) report released today shows there’s still work to do about the proportion of women in leadership roles in Australia.

The Australian Social Trends report reveals that while women make up just over half of Australia’s population, on 3.5% of ASX200 companies had a woman as CEO, with only 12% of women on boards.

When it comes to parliament, women account for 29% of federal and 30% state and territory parliamentarians.

In the Commonwealth Public Service, women make up 39% of Commonwealth Public Service Service Senior Executive Service positions (up from 28% in 2002) and 47% per cent of middle management positions (up from 36% in 2002).

The ABS report lists benefits of women in these senior positions including bringing new ideas and decision making approaches, creating role models for the career development of other women, and ensuring issues, perspectives and needs of both men and women are equally represented.

The Australian Social Trends December 2012 report also focuses on Australian farmers, older carers, Australians with Alzheimer’s, and people permanently leaving Australia.

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