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CPSU: working for Members

EVERY week your union is helping Members, and since the start of the year 178 cases have come in to the Member Advice and Support Team (MAST).

These issues included:

  • Workers compensation
  • Bullying
  • Allowances
  • Award breaches
  • Personal leave and many more.

Recent successes include:

  • An   Agency threatened to deduct 3 days pay from a Member after a dispute about medical certificates.  The CPSU contacted the Agency advising there should be no deductions as this was a breach of the Award Dispute Settling Procedure while there was still a dispute on foot.  The Agency failed to respond and the money was deducted.  The CPSU notified the Agency that unless the salary was paid immediately the union would take the dispute to the Industrial Commission. Within 3 days the Member was reimbursed and the CPSU is now working with the Agency to develop a process to ensure this practice isn’t repeated.
  • A Member in a Band 3 position was told their position was surplus to requirements. The Member was willing to accept redeployment to a Band 2 position so long as it was permanent, but after moving to the Band 2 role they discovered it was fixed term. They contacted their union  CPSU and it was explained to them that under these circumstances the employee was eligible for salary maintenance.  Salary maintenance for 12 months was negotiated which resulted in significant back-payment.
  • After fighting for DPIPWE Members on Bass Strait Islands to receive the same payment for air fare allowances that employees in other departments receive, the CPSU achieved a great outcome for Members at the Tasmanian Industrial Commission. TIC President Abey issued a recommendation that the Department and the CPSU enter into immediate discussions to resolve the dispute and address this inequality. Since then, the parties have reached a positive interim agreement for DPIPWE employees and continue discussions to implement a permanent change.

These are just a few examples of how the CPSU can help. Every week your CPSU stands up for Members in negotiations and at hearings at the Tasmanian Industrial Commission , offers advice and support, and helps in many other ways. As a Member you’ve got the backing of your union if something goes wrong.

Tell your colleagues to join now, so they can also rely on the CPSU for help. If there’s an issue and they haven’t signed up with the CPSU, they may have to pay an up-front fee to have their concern dealt with, which is the equivalent of a 12 month subscription – so it pays to be a Member. Direct your colleagues to

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