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Cuts Hurt: new campaign ad

A NEW advertising campaign highlights the impact on cuts on both workers and services if the Coalition wins the election this September.

The Federal Public Section Union says if Opposition’s elected it will cut at least 12,000 jobs from the public sector.

CPSU National Secretary Nadine Flood said that the strategy marks the escalation of its Cuts Hurt campaign for public sector jobs and essential services.

“We will stand up for quality public services and jobs. It is our duty on behalf of our members to take the fight to those who advocate the destruction of all that we hold dear as a union – jobs, rights and fair conditions.”

“Public services will be at the heart of this election campaign and we will mount a robust defence against the cuts and plans by the Coalition and its acolytes to outsource large swathes of it to the private sector with Big Society-style reforms that will benefit no one other than large corporations.”

“Tony Abbott needs to come clean about the extent of his cuts to the public sector. One minute it is 12,000 jobs the next he and Joe Hockey are saying how there were 20,000 too many public servants in Canberra. Now their cheerleaders are urging them to cut 24,000. Either way, they have it in for the public sector.”

Watch the TV ad here.


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