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Employee Satisfaction Survey

THE Tasmanian Public Sector is tired and frayed and in need of significant repair.

This is the message that has come from an Employee Satisfaction Survey recently conducted on behalf of the CPSU & HACSU.

While 69% of those surveyed agreed their work is challenging and interesting and 65% get a feeling of personal accomplishment from their work, only 39% have trust and confidence in their leadership and just 32% believes the leadership of their Agency acts consistently.

One of the areas of most concern to public sector workers is the management of performance.  Only 16% of respondents felt underperformance was well managed and just 22% agreed that high level performance was recognised in a meaningful way.  Failing to provide regular and constructive feedback on performance leaves workers unclear on expectations and undermines productivity.  Respondents also highlighted concerns with the systems for appointment and promotion with just 26% agreeing that promotions in their workplace were based on merit.

Another area where the employer scored poorly was in communication and consultation.  Just 34% of respondents rated communication in their Agency as effective and only 32% agreed that employees are encouraged to participate in the decision making process.  Despite Award provisions that require consultation only 28% agree they are consulted before decision are made that affect their work.

Predictably reports of bullying and harassment were embarrassingly high.  Only 46% of respondents agreed that they had not witnessed bullying or harassment in their workplace in the last 12 months.  A culture that accepts bullying and harassment damages workers and undermines productivity.

While the survey identifies many areas of concern it can also be seen as an opportunity to begin the process of change.  Unions will use these survey results to engage with the government in a constructive way to build support for change.  It won’t be an easy process and will require a genuine commitment from the Premier and her Agency Heads but building fairer workplaces that value and respect workers is a goal worth fighting to achieve.

As full copy of the Workplace Satisfaction Survey results can be found below.

CPSU HACSU Tasmanian State Service Workplace Satisfacton Survey Report 2013 – Final

Read the media release here

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Peter - March 27th, 2013, 10:59PM

I think the results of this survey are quite disturbing but not surprising. There have certainly been strong hints in many surveys previously to say that all is not well in the public service however analysis by management results in coments like 70% ain't too bad or this is an improvement on last time.They then emabrk on supervisor training courses or legislative type resolutions . What I belive is missing from the recent survey is an analysis of what has caused all this issues to be of concern or how have our management developed this poor management and supervisroy culture.My agency continually has a focus on communication and consultation but apart from developing a new policy and consulting with a few senior staff they do not appear to do anything. Once its up on the intranet though ,its deemed to have been fixed . There is no doubt inmy mind that a majority of supervisors and managers are simply focussed on wht they think thier own boss wants and their entire work ethic revolves around this. Its even worse if they think they know what the minister wants because everything then is thrown out the window .The ability to provide advice is severely diminished. I wonder how many people out there have experienced the issue of a new(and possibly good) idea being knocked on the head ,without any development,simply being told "No that's not what the minister wants". How many have been put back in thier box when they have critiqued new policy as being unworkable only to be told, "No the minister was happy with it the way it is, so drop it".There is an underlying cultural problem in the Tas Public Service where managers only role is to kep their own boss(and thier career) happy.Good decision making is not a priority .

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