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Suggestions for $3M

THANKS  to everyone who replied to our email about how to better spend the $3M it would cost to increase the size of the lower house.

Reflecting our diverse Membership, many who replied had different views about the number of seats in parliament.

Some believed increased numbers would provide better parliamentary oversight and governance, and would benefit the public service in the long run.

Other Members didn’t agree with upping the number of seats to 35.

There were a number of ideas about how some Members would like to see the $3M spent.


These included:



  • Opening closed hospital beds, more beds
  • Reduce waiting times
  • More funding for Housing Tasmania
  • Help for older Tasmanians
  • School dental



  • More funding for students with disabilities
  • Funding for smaller class sizes
  • Funding for at risk students
  • School infrastructure
  • More funding for Teacher Assistants



  • More emergency services personnel
  • More positions in key areas such as Child Protection
  • Books for libraries and qualified library staff
  • Upgrade roads, rail infrastructure
  • Quarantine, border security
  • Provide support to services that already exist


Thanks to all Members who sent their feedback and views. It’s always great to hear  from Members about their ideas and values.

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