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Women’s Conference on soon

THE Time to Work and Time to Care Conference is edging closer, offering an exciting program to those attending.

ACTU President Ged Kearney headlines the conference, giving the key address.

Caring, relationships, superannuation and leadership are some of the issues the day-long event touches on.


Organiser and Unions Tasmania President Roz Madsen said it was the inaugural conference.

“It came about after the Anna Stewart Memorial Program, which we’ve been running for quite a few years now. “ Anna Stewart Memorial Program is a course for union women that runs each year. Previous participants will join women from across the union movement for the conference on Friday May 3.

“The conference is a chance for these women to discuss some broader political issues impacting on women that they probably don’t get the opportunity to do.”

So far registrations are nearing 70, which exceeded expectations.

“Our aim was 50. We weren’t sure how many people we’d get because not only is it on a work day, but it’s in school holidays as well. So we’re thrilled with the numbers.”


The topics were selected to suit the audience, that’s a mix of women from both blue and white collar unions, as well as women who were in different stages of their working lives.

The Time to Work and Time to Care theme was chosen to link into a current ACTU campaign. “There’s quite a spectrum of caring, from caring for children, to older people and those people with a disability.”

You can read more about the ACTU’s campaign here.


DPIPWE Delegate Margaret Horton is heading along to the Unions Tasmania Women’s Conference next week with other CPSU Delegates and Members.

The program instantly appealed to her.

“In my workplace there are quite a few women with children and Dad’s as well. The conference program is all about women and the issues they face in the workforce.

“Often you see women working who have children and elderly parents – and the program covers a whole spectrum of issues.”

“There’s something there for those women with younger children – who might have problems around issues such as childcare, and there’s a session on finance that women nearing the end of their careers would find useful.”


CPSU Operations Coordinator Lyn Saunders is also looking forward to the conference.

As the CPSU representative on the Unions Tasmania Women’s Committee, the conference was certainly relevant.

“I’m most looking forward to the round-table discussion. I find you go to these sort of conferences and you might know what the topic’s going to be but you don’t know where it’s going to progress. It’s often amazing what comes out of those sessions because one idea leads to another, a bit like a brain storming session. In the past when we’ve had our own conferences with Delegates these discussions have been a valuable part of it.”


The Time to Work and Time to Care Conference is on next Friday, May 3.

 You can see the program below.



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