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ACTU Secretary visits Hobart

TASMANIAN unions met with the ACTU Secretary Dave Oliver on Friday. At the meeting Mr Oliver spoke about the ACTU’s current campaign.

The campaign ads are putting unions front and centre, and encouraging workers to join their union.

ACTU Secretary Dave Oliver talks to unions in Hobart on Friday.

ACTU Secretary Dave Oliver talks to unions in Hobart on Friday.

“The ads are focusing on the issues that we know are resonating around the community surrounding the issue of insecure work,” Mr Oliver said.

According to the ACTU Insecure work can include casual and fixed-term employment, seasonal work, contract work and labour hire. It means irregular and unpredictable working hours and pay, inferior rights and entitlements, such as no access to paid leave and no job security

Insecure work is a theme the ACTU’s been looking at for quite some time.  An independent inquiry into insecure work last year saw hearings held around the country, including Hobart.

Read more about the Hobart hearing here.

As a result of the inquiry, Chairman Brian Howe told the National Press Club in April 2012 that Australia was on the verge of developing a working poor. He spoke about a separation between those with and without permanent employment. “Their work is not a “career”, it is a series of unrelated temporary positions that they need to pay rent, bills and food,” Mr Howe told media in April.

The ads, airing mid 2013, highlight the problems insecure work causes, and how it impacts on workers’ personal lives.

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