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Another win for CPSU Members

ALLIED Health Professionals (AHPs) in schools are now treated more fairly after the CPSU achieved a great outcome today.

A clause for communicable diseases under the Teaching (Public Service) Award will now apply to these Members.

It means employees who contract a communicable disease can receive leave with pay.

This comes after the Teaching (Public Service) Award clause for communicable diseases was extended to include School Executive Officers and other Admin staff in August last year.

This clause previously only allowed teachers in schools who contract a communicable disease to receive leave with pay.

This is a great outcome for AHPs in schools. It’s only fair these Members are able to access this clause as they are working in the same school environment as teachers.

The win comes after discussions with the Department of Education (DoE) over a number of months.

A medical certificate must be provided to your employer and should specifically identify the disease or illness in order to claim this entitlement.

 You can find out more about communicable diseases on the DoE intranet site.

Any inquiries about this can go to CPSU Organiser Kathryn Lee at

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