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Change process halted after Member voices concern

YOUR union pressed pause after a RHH manager tried to make changes to staff leave arrangements without proper consultation. It all came about after a Member questioned the process and voiced concern.

Recently, an email was sent to staff in this area saying that there would be now be a limit on the number of employees taking leave at the same time. If the policy was implemented as stated staff would not have had an opportunity to take leave each year.  The email also stated approval of leave requests wouldn’t occur until three months before the leave date regardless of when they were submitted.

A number of Members brought this email to the attention of CPSU Organiser Nick Duncombe. Nick then contacted hospital management and following a meeting with the CPSU Industrial Organiser Stephanie Katsin, management agreed to a two-week consultation period.

This is a great result for Members, who now get to have a say and it all happened through union Members talking to their union.

It’s when Members raise issues and work together with their union that things happen.

Consultation is good management practice. Failing to consult is a breach of the Health and Human Services Award. Decisions made with consultation are better decisions, because people who are directly affected by a change can raise issues, difficulties, ideas and suggestions the employer hasn’t thought of.

The CPSU hopes this in this instance consultation is taken genuinely by the employer and staff feedback is given due consideration.  The CPSU will keep listening to these Members to make sure they’re happy with this process.

If you notice change being pushed through without consultation or other issues that affect a number of people in your workplace, you should contact your Organiser at the RHH Nick Duncombe on or on 6234 1708.

If one person walks into a room, you might not get listened to but if 30 people walk into a room about an issue they’re going to get listened to. The union’s often the only thing between a worker and management and if you don’t have someone to go in and bat for you then you’re in it alone. Union Membership is like insurance - it’s insurance against things not going so well. Margaret
I believe in the power of collaboration. The CPSU works with the State Government to negotiate the best possible pay and conditions for its Members. It’s been proven that workplaces with strong unions pay higher wages, are safer and provide greater opportunities for training and career progression. The CPSU services also include advice, protection, and support at work –should you ever need it. Denny

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