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Consultation on Change at Workplace Standards & Workcover Tasmania begins

CPSU General Secretary Tom Lynch met with Roy Ormorod, Martin Shirley and Dale Webster on Monday April 8th to be briefed on the proposed restructure of Workplace Standards and Workcover Tasmania.  Upfront they apologised for not having briefed the union sooner.


Firstly the union sought an understanding of the rationale for the review and an indication of the impact on staff.  It was explained that there were a number of areas of overlap in the current structure and that it was felt that a unified structure could better support the various legislative and regulatory functions.  It was also felt there were a number of synergies between function performance across the two organisations and in Justice Head office and that concentrating these functions may provide a better service.  In regard to the impact on staff the message was that the most significant changes would be in reporting lines rather than roles disappearing.  We understand there are around 4 fewer positions in the proposed structure than the current structure but that 2 of these positions are vacant and that the others would be dealt with through voluntary redundancies.


A copy of the draft organisational chart that that proposes a structure based on three discrete units – Workplace Compliance, Communication & Compensation and Building, Electrical & Gas was provided.  A copy of the draft organisation structure can be seen  in the link below.

WorkSafe Org Chart V3

It was made clear some changes to this draft are already being considered as a result of the feedback received.


One interesting aspect of the proposed structure was that 15 positions were not included in the structure but were placed in a ‘pink box’.   This must have made these 15 staff somewhat nervous.   We were assured the staff in these roles do not need to worry about their ongoing employment as their roles are considered essential to the operation of the unified structure but that further consideration needed to be given to where the roles best fitted.  Consideration is being given to whether they should be allocated within the three new units of whether some of them fit better within the broader corporate and strategic services areas of Justice.   This work is ongoing and we expect some firm proposals will soon be available for consideration.  It was noted that even if some roles were absorbed into Justice Head office this would not necessarily mean relocation but would be about changes in reporting lines.


Don’t forget the CPSU would like to provide formal feedback on the proposed restructure by Friday 26 April.  To do this we need to hear from  relevant members on the pros and cons of the proposed structure and any questions you have you would like clarified.  To provide feedback you can email Tom Lynch at or give him a call on 6234 1708.   Once we have that feedback we would like to meet with members to discuss our response.  Meetings have been scheduled around the state as follows:


Hobart – Monday 22nd April – 11am Conference Room Rosny

Burnie – Tuesday 23rd April – 9am Conference Room

Launceston – Tuesday 23rd  April – 3pm Large conference room, Level 3, Henty House

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