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Thanks to all who responded to the case study questionnaire recently. The response was fabulous and it gives a real insight on how things have changed within LINC over the last five years and the impact on staff and customers.

This data’s now being collated, and along with information from other Public Sector Agencies, this information will be used as a part of the current Stand Up for Fairer Workplaces Campaign the CPSU and HACSU are currently running.


Teacher Assistants/Kinder Qualification

Last Friday CPSU Organiser Kathryn Lee met with Damian from The Skills Institute and other key stake holders in the Kindergarten qualification to view the format and discuss the delivery, content etc of this program.

All Teacher Assistants that have been accepted into this course would now have been notified and given a starting date, with the first of these starting in the next few weeks.

Please pass on your feedback, views and any questions you may have regarding this to Kathryn at

Study for this qualification should be done in work time. Talk to you supervisors and principals so together you can find a way for this to happen that works for both of you.

If you have any issues with this, contact Kathryn on the email above.


School Laboratory Technicians

DoE’s developing a new Statement of Duties (SoD) for Band 4 Laboratory Technicians and also updating the SoD for Band 3.

DoE circulated these documents last week for your feedback (find these below). The CPSU would also like your feedback about these SoDs, so please send your thoughts to Kathryn Lee at

Draft SoD – Band 3 Lab-Tech

Draft SoD – Band 4 Lab-Tech 


School Administration Advisory Forum (SAAF)

Thanks to those committee members who attended the last meeting in Hobart. The next meeting will be held at Campbell Town on June 18.

For those who aren’t aware, the SAAF group is made up of Administrative and SEO staff from schools and colleges who meet once a term to discuss school industrial matters. 

Your Organiser Kathryn Lee encourages Admin staff and SEOs to apply for Membership for a chance to represent your school or college and ensure a strong union presence for your working terms and conditions. If you’re interested in joining in this group please email You can read minutes from the last SAAF meeting below.

 Minutes 5th March 2013

Four Term School Staff

It’s now the end of term 1 of the first four-term year. For those about to go on leave, Organiser Kathryn Lee hopes you have a relaxing time and are able to recharge the batteries for term 2. If there are any issues around the four-term model or you’re having trouble accessing your leave please don’t hesitate to email


North West Admin Staff Professional Learning Event, Ulverstone

The CPSU’s Kathryn Lee and Rosemary Stuart are going to the North West Admin staff PL event this Friday (April 19) at Ulverstone and are looking forward to meeting everyone. Please introduce yourself to Kathryn and Rosemary and if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask.


Secretary’s Month – Gone but not forgotten

Last month the DoE update talked about a special leave known as Secretary’s Month. Following discussion, the CPSU acknowledges the concept of the Secretary being bound by a specific clause to provide staff with additional personal leave no longer exists but that doesn’t mean Agencies can’t act with compassion and understanding.

The Award allows agencies to grant staff additional carer’s leave if they have exhausted their annual allocation of 10 days and other leave entitlements can be used if personal leave has all been used. Talk to your manager and if you don’t get a fair go – talk to your union.


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