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CPSU provides Feedback on proposed structure on behalf of WST/WC Members

FOLLOWING recent discussion with the CPSU Members statewide, the union has provided feedback to the Agency on the proposed restructure of Workplace Standards Tasmania (WST) and Workcover Tasmania (WC). Members raised concerns that the Terms of Reference failed to clearly state the objective and aims of the restructure. While the Terms of Reference mentioned ‘achieving a new unified structure’ this is an outcome rather than an objective.  The lack of clear objectives makes it hard to assess if proposed changes contribute to the overall objective of the restructure which makes is very difficult for staff to provide feedback.

Concerns were also raised that two seemingly contradictory structures were distributed to staff.  This  created confusion. This confusion was exacerbated by inconsistent verbal messages, with Members receiving different answers to the same question. Staff also received little information about how the structure would be filled and if it accommodates all existing staff.

Taking these issues and other concerns raised by Members into account, the CPSU’s response to the Agency proposes a full review of the functions, roles and responsibilities of WST and WC be undertaken and from this review a new structure should be developed. The response states the review should include input from all stakeholders – the Workcover Board, industry, unions and the workforce, with the aim to complete this review by the end of 2013 and implementation of the new structure in 2014. This would allow the chance to:

• Identify the key functions of WST/WC, so form can follow function;

• Identify issues currently affecting WST/WC that need addressing;

• Address issues of corporate risk and key person dependency; • Develop a structure that allows for succession planning and future proofing of WST/WC; and

• Review the operational structure of the Department of Justice Head office to ensure it supports and integrates with a new WST/WC model.

The CPSU’s response on behalf of Members was sent to the Agency on Friday last week.

You can read the full response below.

CPSU Response WST 26.4.2013

The CPSU expects it will take a couple of weeks for Justice to consider all the feedback they have received and decide how to progress.  Thanks to all those who contributed to the union response.

If you have any questions or concerns contact Angela Ames on

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