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CPSU says a sad farewell to Organiser Jacob Batt

HE’S been part of the CPSU team since 2010, and before Easter the CPSU sadly farewelled Organiser Jacob Batt.

First starting with the union he worked in recruitment.

“It meant going to worksites and talking to people about why they should be part of a union and the benefits of a union. I was lucky enough to start in an Organiser role in 2012, which I’ve really enjoyed it.”

Jacob’s union involvement goes back to when he was growing up.

“Mum’s been an Organiser and heavily involved in the union movement and Dad’s been a Member for his working life.

When I was 16 I started taking notice of what Mum’s job was and how she was helping people who couldn’t always help themselves, both individually and part of a collective.

I really believe that everyone in a workplace should feel respected, valued, that they’re treated fairly – the best way to do that is being part of a union.

What really got me interested in the union movement initially was the Your Rights at Work campaign. I started volunteering for that in 2006.”

During his CPSU career, rallies are stand out moments for Jacob.

“Something else  I’ve really enjoyed during my time here is developing the Delegates, especially that moment that they say “this is what we’ve got to do, we’ve got to make sure people know it’s important to be a part of the union, we need to stay strong on this issue”.”

Now Jacob’s changing careers, taking a role as an advisor to Senator Carol Brown. Jacob’s been involved in Labor for quite some time, and sits on the Young Labor State executive. “I think it’s a continuation of helping the labour movement – by that I mean the working movement.”

To Members Jacob’s message is to talk to your colleagues about being a union Member.” It’s great for people to have these conversations with their colleagues. You’re only as strong as the Members that you have.

Stay strong, continue to grow the Membership. Just because we have a lot of good conditions right now don’t mean they’re always going to be there. That’s why the new working generation need to understand the importance of being in a union.

I’ve had a fantastic time, working and learning here at the CPSU. I’ll always be a strong believer in unions. It’s been such a rewarding job.”

The CPSU wishes Jacob all the best in his new role and looks forward to hearing about his endeavours in the next stage of his career.


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