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Depression in workplaces could be catching

WORKPLACES where your colleagues are unhappy, fed-up or tired could impact on your own wellbeing.

A paper published in the Australian and New Zealand Journal of Psychiatry’s April edition said repeated exposure to unhappy people may have a similar effect to the spread of infectious disease – known as an emotional or social contagion. This can happen in groups such as workplaces and other social environments.

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The CPSU and HACSU recently conducted the Tasmanian State Service Workplace Satisfaction Survey that showed employees were feeling tired, stressed, disrespected, angry, devalued and most of all disrespected. It showed that bullying was rife across the Tasmanian Public Sector, under performance was ignored and high performance wasn’t recognised. This is not the picture of a happy work environment.


If many employees are feeling this way for a long period of time, it’s likely that soon those around them would also feel this way, which in turn affects morale, productivity and the culture of the workplace.

Of course there are some workplaces that are exceptions to this in the Tasmanian State Service.


Across the recent Public Sector Union Wages Agreement 2013 meetings, many Members have spoken about feeling this way, most reacting positively to the CPSU’s Stand Up for Fairer Workplaces campaign.

The campaign’s all about breaking this cycle – making sure Members have the resources, that they are treated with respect and performance is managed properly.

The first round of Member meetings started this conversation, with Members suggesting practical ways to ensure the next Agreement deals with these issues.

Round two meetings are about agreeing on the main issues to pursue through bargaining.


Click here to see a copy of the timetable so you can put a time in your calendar today. Round Two meetings start May 14.


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