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Jobs figures in for March

THERE’s not much good news for Tassie in the latest ABS Labour Force stats for March.

However, the unemployment rate remained steady from February to March in trend terms at a lofty 7.2%.

If you look at seasonally adjusted numbers, the news is worse, with the climbing from 6.6% to 7.3%


Our state lost 100 jobs during this time, with total employed persons falling from 232,400 to 232,300. There was an even steeper fall was recorded in seasonally adjusted figures from 235,300 to 231,500 during this period.


ABS figures revealed a slight drop in the state’s participation rate, from 60.2% to 60.1% in trend terms and from 60.5% to 60% in seasonally adjusted terms.

Total unemployed persons remained the same for trend figures, at 18,000, while this number increased from 16,700 to 18,300, in seasonally adjusted numbers.


For Australia, the unemployment rate stayed the same in trend terms at 5.5% and increased by 0.2% in seasonally adjusted numbers to 5.6%.

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