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Members win, thanks to the CPSU

MEMBERS often achieve positive outcomes because of the CPSU’s help, and wins over the last week alone include Members being paid allowances they were entitled to, a successful translation review and a member helped after a Statutory Declaration for personal leave was rejected.

Read about these wins below.


CPSU Members paid entitlement

SIX CPSU Members at the Department of Education are receiving retrospective payments covering a four month period after the employer neglected to pay an allowance they were entitled to.

These Members successfully applied for a newly created role, starting work in January 2012, but a statement of duties wasn’t created until June and before that they weren’t paid the More Responsible Duties Allowance that was rightfully theirs.

DoE said this was because there was no Statement of Duties in place so the CPSU wrote to DoE and outlined the concerns.

Last week the Department informed the CPSU it would pay these Members the backdated allowances – a fantastic outcome for a group of happy Members.


Member receives long overdue translation review

A DHHS employee was successful in a translation review after four years hard work on the case by the CPSU.

This Member will receive back pay and a direct selection to the position she was working in.

She is very pleased with this long-overdue outcome and expressed her gratitude to the CPSU for the years of work that finally paid off.


Member helped on personal leave issue

A CPSU Member received a payment after an industrial dispute was settled.

The Member wasn’t given personal leave after using a statutory declaration rather than a medical certificate, but State Service Employees are able to use a Statutory Declaration in such circumstances. The Tasmanian State Service Award says:

If it is not reasonably practicable for the employee to give the employer a medical certificate a statutory declaration made by the employee, stating the illness of the person concerned and where applicable that such illness or unexpected emergency requires care by the employee.  

The Department of Health and Human Services reimbursed the Member, after the two parties settled the matter before it escalated.

This is a fair outcome, with the Member happy with the CPSU’s work on this issue and the result.


Members can contact the CPSU if they need help. Go to to find out more.

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