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Mental health in the workplace: Helpful resources available

MENTAL health problems, like anxiety and depression are becoming more recognised and understood in Australia, which is great news.

With over 11.5M people in the Australian labour force, it should be no surprise that these problems not only impact on people’s personal lives but working lives as well.

Beyond Blue says the impact of depression in workplaces includes:

  • three to four days off work per month for each person experiencing depression
  • over six million working days lost each year in Australia
  • 12 million days of reduced productivity each year.

Research also shows that a workplace can either positively or negatively impact on employees’ mental health.

Beyond Blue has some great resources about mental health in the workplace.

The website has some great information about mental health in the workplace including material if you’re experiencing a mental health disorder, if  you’re concerned about one of your colleagues or you’re worried about one of your employees.

You can find information about how to have a conversation with a colleague you are worried about.

The site lists signs and symptoms of depression and anxiety, tips for helping your workmates and dos and don’ts.

If you think you might be experiencing depression or anxiety, there’s also helpful information.

For managers there’s information about helping an employee who’ve experienced mental health problems to return to work.

Go to for this and plenty of other information.

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