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Sad day as Kier Tyson leaves CPSU team

 AT the end of March the CPSU sadly said goodbye to Kier Tyson.


Kier’s worked at the CPSU since 2006 and she will be sorely missed.


Before coming on board the CPSU, Kier had gained industrial advocacy experience at the Working Women’s Centre.


Since starting at the union, Kier’s seen many changes.


I spent 4 years as an Industrial Organiser providing advice, support and advocacy to Members.  There have been many changes in State Service practices and legislation over that time which has made the job challenging yet interesting.”


Kier also worked on the enormous translation review project. “Kate Jackson and Sarah Miller started with that process with around 300 cases. Then Sarah and I got the cases down to 150 between us, and then we helped the Members who needed advocacy during the extensive external processes at the commissions.  It was a huge task.”


Kier then started as Lead Organiser for MAST, where she’s worked for two-and-a-half years.


“I’ve really enjoyed working with staff and our Members in providing leadership to them on the industrial issues. I was able to impart the knowledge and experience I’d gained in the Industrial Commission and on the ground when dealing with disputes.”


Since working with the CPSU, the union achieved many wins for the Members, however one in particular that stands out for Kier.


“For me a big achievement here was the ‘Is It Fair campaign’ (in 2008). It was huge – over 1000 State Service employees were made permanent from fixed term employment status. This was a flow on effect from a case I led in the commission for a Member who’d been unfairly dismissed after being employed on fixed term contracts for a long time.  The union also recruited a large number of Members through that campaign.”


Kier’s going to miss her CPSU colleagues, and the feeling’s mutual.” I’ve enjoyed working with my professional colleagues in the union across the State; I know Members are in good hands to continue the fight with the Stand Up campaign.


I really treasure the relationships I have formed with Members especially where I’ve seen Members support each other and stand together when issues arise in the workplace, it has always been the best way to achieve results for them.”


Kier’s now expanding her experience, off to Fair Work Commission to work in the Tasmanian/Victorian Registry Team.


The CPSU wishes Kier all the best with her future career and we will miss having her on the team.



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Margaret Howell - April 10th, 2013, 12:35AM

I first met Kier in 2007 which continued until I was terminated in March 2011. Kier was involved and was there supporting Stephanie and myself through an unfair dismissal case with the TIC which had a successful outcome and I now have a permanant position again in DHHS.
I have valued Kier's support, compassion advice and understanding through some extremely difficult workplace issues. Kier is a big loss to the CPSU and members and I am very sad that she has left. But I thank her so much for all she done for me and wish her all the very best for the future.

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