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June is Workplace Bullying Awareness month

IT’S Workplace Bullying Awareness Month.

Monday June 3 is the 5th annual Know Bull! Day, which promotes safe and respectful workplaces that are free from bullying.

Bullying and harassment is a serious issue in any workplace. As well as the devastating affect it has on individuals and relationships, bullying also impacts on productivity and an organisation’s ability to operate. Bullying bears a huge financial cost and causes staff turnover and absenteeism.


Earlier this year the Tasmanian State Service Workplace Satisfaction Survey revealed bullying was a major problem in our state’s public service.

The survey showed that only 46% of respondents agreed that they had not witnessed bullying or harassment in their workplace in the last 12 months. In fact, in its report research company Survey Matters said this was the most concerning aspect of the survey.

Some representative comments from survey respondents were:


  • “Bullying is endemic and tolerated at senior levels.”


  • “I have personally experienced bullying.”


  • “The culture is one of bullying and harassment at every level.”


  • “I’m lucky to work in a team where there is genuine and mutual respect. There are other parts of the organisation where it is WELL KNOWN that staff are harassed and bullied and morale is low and stress high. The frustrating thing is that even when HR processes are followed to raise these issues and resolved them absolutely nothing changes and perpetrators remain untouched and unchallenged.”


The CPSU believes this kind of work environment is not acceptable or conducive to a productive public service and Members’ well being.

Bullying and harassment is one of six themes the Stand Up for Fairer Workplaces 2013 bargaining campaign is looking to address.
Earlier in May the CPSU and HACSU met with Members to get their feedback on ways to address this and other issues. You can find these here The next stage is to develop a log of claims.

Members deserve workplaces that are safe and free of bullying.

Go to Know Bull! Day for facts and statistics on workplace bullying.

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