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Kickstart Arts secures funding

CONGRATULATIONS KickStart Arts. This week The Australia Council awarded Kickstart with key producers funding.

This means a a guaranteed $1.34 million in federal funding to employ Tasmanian artists over the next six years to employ Tasmanian artists.

Kickstart does a lot of great work for the Tasmanian community, with the Organisation’s aim to improve health and wellbeing of people in our state through its projects. Kickstart often partners with Tasmanian community and health organisations to help achieve this outcome.

Last year Kickstart Arts and the CPSU teamed up to put on a barbecue for St Johns Park workers. St Johns Park is host to a range of worksites across several buildings. Child Protection, Out of Home Care, Police Forensics are just some of the services that operate from St Johns Park. The aim of the barbecue was to bring these workers together, so they had a chance to relax and meet each other and also to spread some happiness.

A major work completed in 2012, the Happiness Project, saw Kickstart work with six Tasmanian communities to produce video stories on 37 people. The project was a great way to bring these communities together and build identity and pride.

You can read more about Kickstart Arts here

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