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Need help? The CPSU is here for Members.

THE CPSU is here to help.

The Member Advice and Support Team can help Members on a range of issues.

Here are three examples of recent wins:


Members back payed after the CPSU intervened

DURING the 2012-13 bushfire season at least two Parks & Wildlife Service Members acted above their level in Australasian Inter-service Incident Management System (AIIMS) roles but didn’t receive any More Responsible Duties Allowance or Higher Duties Allowance. These were paid roles, not volunteer positions.

AIIMS is a system that helps integrate activities and resources from different agencies during bushfires and other emergencies.

The CPSU notified the Department of Primary Industries, Parks Water and Environment that if they didn’t rectify this they would have effectively breached the Tasmanian State Service Award.

After the CPSU intervened DPIPWE is now going to formulate and classify Statements of Duties for AIIMS roles not already described in the PWS Agreement.

DPIPWE will now also backpay affected employees appropriate amounts of Higher Duties Allowance/More Responsible Duties Allowance.

This is a great outcome for Members who worked to protect Tasmanian communities.


Member receives payment thanks to their union

A CPSU Member had been on call 24/7 for many years in the Department of Justice.

He contacted his union to seek payment of the availability allowance for the last three years.

On his request, the CPSU tried to negotiate with the Department, who was unwilling to pay the Member anything, saying because he’d agreed to be on call, he’d effectively waved his rights to this entitlement.

Before Tasmanian Industrial Commission conciliation conference the Department made a very low initial offer to this Member. The Department said there would be no further offer made. However at the conciliation conference the CPSU was able to triple this offer.

The Member was very pleased with this result.

Without the CPSU’s help it would be unlikely this Member would have received a payment at all from the Department, despite being entitled to it.

The CPSU can help Members achieve fair outcomes, despite opposition their employer. CPSU Members have access to support and advice from their union.

The Member said Industrial Organiser Celeste Miller was brilliant.

“I don’t think I would have gone as far as I did without her help. I couldn’t commend her highly enough. I contacted the CPSU to ask the question “am I being paid the right amount” and she knew the answer straight away. She knew all the procedures and told me what I should and shouldn’t say – she knew her stuff. A couple of other people at the CPSU helped me along the way too.

“I was happy with the result as well.”


CPSU’s support results in good outcome for Member

A CPSU Member in the Department of Police and Emergency Management raised an issue about workload with the CPSU.

The CPSU instructed the Member to request a meeting with their supervisor about this issue.

After doing this the Member contacted their union saying they’d been verbally attacked when they’d asked for a meeting. Soon after the Member’s manager put in a grievance against them.

The CPSU was able to negotiate an informal mediation process for this Member and their manager to resolve the situation, which was escalating. In the end, with the CPSU’s help at the table, the Manager apologised to this Member.

The Member was happy with this outcome, with the incident kept off-the-record because of the informal process and at the same time the situation was resolved much quicker than a formal investigation.

The Member’s colleague joined the CPSU after witnessing the support they’d received and how much happier they were after the process was resolved. The CPSU is there to support Members and offer advice if they are having any difficulty at work.


There are many more ways the CPSU is working to help Members every week.

If you are a CPSU Member and you need help, click here or call (03)6234 1708 or email

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